TiE Chennai Super Saturday Mar 2013

This event is something you cannot afford to miss. There are several reasons:

A few companies from Chennai – OrangeScape, FreshDesk etc. benefitted from Sramana’s 1M/1M program. The advice and the PR they received from her were very valuable.

We thought that we should make it available for a few entrepreneurs in Chennai. So we went ahead and did two things.

  1. Requested Sramana to give a discount on her premium membership and she was kind enough to agree.
  2. We also found a few sponsors to pay 50% of the remaining amount for the top 3 companies who are selected during Pitchfest on March 2nd.

In addition, we are assembling a good team to share some marketing and sales ideas for growth. We do have the unconference sessions that all of us enjoy so much. You can find more details and a registration link here. Registration deadline for pitches is Feb 25.