On Blogs and Blogging

If you look at the blogs in the industry, there aer many types. Some of them include:

  1. Short posts that are micro-lessons. A great example of this is Seth Godin’s Blogs. Short, sweet and easy to read and you always get some useful information/advice from them.
  2. Longform posts normally 2000 words or more. Dig deep into the topic. A great example of this is Neil Patel’s Blog. These are tutorial in nature. Many marketing blogs from hubspot, SEMrush, SEOMoz belong to this type.
  3. A third type of blogs are lists of resource links. My favorite one is Future Seek.
  4. A fourth type is the one that people like Paul Graham write. These blogs are timeless in a way. I still go back and read many of them.
  5. I will put all other blogs into a fifth category. These include technology/domain specific blogs like Machine Learning Mastery, KDNuggets or really long term thinking like Long Now foundation. Some of my favorite blogs include OReilly Radar, and Thoughtworks Radar.

I don’t blog with any regularity. Influenced by Robert Scoble, I did daily blogging for a while in 2006. Writing is hard. Writing something useful is even harder. But writing is a good thinking tool.