Predictions for 2023 Work in Progress

When we start a new year, lots of people jump in with predictions. I will start with one of mine and add others as I find them.

Conversational Interfaces will get more problem/industry specific.

I had databots in mind when I made this prediction. One nice thing about this prediction is that I can make it happen if no one else does 🙂

Some of the events of the past years and events may influence predictions. Due to the Twitter saga and the Facebook failure several new products may emerge.

The rise of the Twitter clones.

Custom private networks.

More intelligent professional networks powered by ML and DL and LLMs (Large Language Models)

From Forbes (the ones I pay attention to) – Globalization, Elon, The Cloud, Self-Health and Re-Generative AI

From the Creators Feed – The Future of Creators.

Generative AI will go mainstream

Generative AI will create new types of Jobs

Advances in AI will move beyond neural networks