Notes from “How to Speak” by Patric Winston


– Quality of speech is a function of K,P,t where K is knowledge, P is practice and t is the talent. t is small because talen plays a minor part
– How do you teach people how to think?
– Your ideas are like your children. You don’t want them into the world in rags



– Start with a Promise (what people will learn by the end of the talk)
– Cycle on the subject
– Put a fence (boundaries) around the idea
– Use [[Verbal Punctuation]]
– Ask a question
– On choosing a [[Time and Place]] (spoiler: 11 am is best time to star


– Start with a joke
– Don’t use PPTs (they always have too many slides and too many words)


This is a small fraction of what I learned. It is just a teaser for you to go and watch the talk on YouTube.