Laziness, Impatience and Hubris

Laziness is a virtue. So are Impatience and Hubris –¬†Larry Wall in the first edition of Programming perl.

Nearly 3 decades after reading this statement, I still remember it.

The essence of automation.

  1. You write automated scripts to test functions because you do not want to repeat boring repetitive tests again and again.
  1. You want to write yourself a mini language so that you spend less time solving lower order problems.
  2. You want to script/configure everything possible so that you can leave the mundane stuff to the machine and focus on identifying and solving problems better.

But programmers need a lot more. The ability to:

  • Persist when there are problems
  • Learn and learn well
  • Reflect on problems and solutions and constant improvements
  • Communicate with peers and share knowledge

But most of all, they need curiosity and the ability to question every assumption.