Today Social Media is my Primary News Source

From The New Age of Platforms is a  great read. I particularly resonate with:

Today, social media is my primary news source for many areas I’m  interested in.  That’s not a function of the platforms themselves, but rather of who I’m connected to—experts in particular fields who have ready access to information that would be hard to find anywhere else.

Let me mention three instances on the influence of these people I follow on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other sources (blogs):

  • A lot of books I bought last year, came from mentions in podcasts I like and blogs I read (Tim Ferriss and Maria Papova for instance)
  • Most of the technical books I read and the webinars I attend come from some of the most influential people I follow on Twitter.
  • A lot of literature I collect and research for Data Science comes from @kdnuggets and other similar sources

I do have a List called News on Twitter and follow most of the popular news sources in India and US. However, I visit it a lot less and prefer to read from my “Daily” list.

The people I choose to follow are my filters. I read their posts more than I do the “other” reading.