Good Reads: Single Most Important Habit that Shaped up my Career

Kunal Jain on Single habit that defined the trajectory of my career

What is the single most important habit that shaped up my career? This is the habit which propelled me from from being just an ordinary analyst to some one who can influence, manage and mentor people in Analytics industry.

Here is the habit:

Spend a defined fraction of your day working on the the most important project / problem you have.

Please note the importance of two words here: defined and most important. You need to fix what fraction of your time you would spend and what is the most important task for you.


I discovered Kunal through an article on KDNuggets. Found his Twitter account and followed him and from there to his LinkedIn account to this article. It is nice to see people sharing so much of their knowledge through Tweets and blog posts.

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Thanks Kunal. We need more people like you.