Making the World Computable – An Ambitious Goal

I like it when people think at this level.

Wolfram wants to make the world computable, so that our computers can answer questions like “where is the International Space Station right now.” That requires a level of machine intelligence that knows what the ISS is, that it’s in space, that it is orbiting the Earth, what its speed is, and where in its orbit it is right now.

That’s not static data; that’s a combination of computation with knowledge.

As data explodes we need tools to make sense of the world. It is an exciting field of Natural Language Processing, Data with Context and Deep Analysis. There is so much to learn and so much to do.


2 thoughts on “Making the World Computable – An Ambitious Goal

  1. In my wishlist one item is that U should write bigger blog post. Your blog post are very informative. How can nlp make difference Indian healthcare market?

    1. Thanks Arvind. Will give it a try some time. By NLP you mean natural language processing? (I ask because there is also neuro linguisting programming that goes with the same acronym).


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