O’Reilly Solid – Disruptive Innovation As Profound As The Internet

O’Reilly Solid

Something big is happening at the intersection of software and hardware. O’Reilly Solid brings together the people and businesses accelerating the growth of a software-enhanced, networked physical world.

The programmable world is creating disruptive innovation as profound as the Internet itself. As barriers blur between software and the manufacture of physical things, industries and individuals are scrambling to turn this disruption into opportunity.

Topics include:

  • Intelligent systems and responsive networks connecting devices that used to stand alone
  • Technological trends and advancements that are about to make the jump to real-world devices and systems
  • Innovations in manufacturing that make it possible for anyone to build hardware
  • Software that jumps beyond the computer screen
  • Industries that are instrumenting their machines and controlling them in new ways
  • Business models that allow for lean innovation in the traditionally cost intensive realm of hardware and manufacturing

Conferences are indicators of activities in certain areas. The topics in a conference give you some idea about possible emerging trends and market segments. The speakers typically are poineers in this given space. ¬†An organization like O’Reilly is a catalyst for jump starting new spaces. They did it with Web 2.0 and doing it with Strata and now with Solid.

No. I don’t work with O’Reilly. I am a big fan and I watch and benefit from this group of high quality leading edge experts. You should too.

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