Are You Vendor Friendly?

Vendors are supposed to be customer friendly. No one questions that. Seems reasonable. Some one pays us money for our products/services and keeps us in business. You need to treat them well and give them the best you can.

How about the reverse? How many customers are really vendor friendly? You don’t have to hug them and shower them with kisses (though that would be nice). You don’t have to keep praising them and calling them and saying how great their products are (that would be cool too). What I am talking about is replying to their email or taking their simple surveys.

I am both a vendor and a customer. I like to be treated well as a customer. But I think I owe the vendors some courtesy too. The one I can think of is to help them make their product better by giving them useful feedback. You know, if you do that, you are helping them improve their product. And guess who benefits?