A Few of My Favorite Startup Tips

Just finished reading the little book on Startup Tips. There are 100 tips. Here are a few of my favorites.

  • Tip #11 – Get excited about the little things
  • Tip #14 – Get comfortable asking for advice and help
  • Tip #15 – Present your startup or biz development idea to anyone who will listen
  • Tip #16 – Get really, really good at concisely stating your business idea
  • Tip #30 – Sales are number one, two and three on the priority list
  • Tip #31 – To sell many, sell one
  • Tip #44 – Break your business down to a few key metrics
  • Tip #52 – Put people in positions where they can be successful
  • Tip #58 – Model the behavior you require
  • Tip #69 – Explore every possible sales channel
  • Tip #76 – If your customers have to change their behavior (for using your product/service) be prepared for a struggle

Please get the book Startup 100 Tips. It is a great read.