Adaptive Ignorance

From this amazing post by Maria The 13 Best Psychology and Philosophy Books of 2013 quoting from On Looking

This adaptive ignorance, she argues, is there for a reason — we celebrate it as “concentration” and welcome its way of easing our cognitive overload by allowing us to conserve our precious mental resources only for the stimuli of immediate and vital importance, and to dismiss or entirely miss all else.


Are we missing life by too much of this “Adaptive Ignorance”? What does it mean to live a little – more aware of people, places, events and feelings all around us?


Maria’s reviews are so compelling sometimes, I keep buying these books. I am already enjoying it.

Once in a while, we let ourselves drift  – aided by an old song or a fond memory. There is some comfort in this drift, if you allow yourself the luxury.  Maria’s writing does that to me a lot.

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