On Experiments

From Acquiring Knowledge

The greatest experiment is nearly always a solo. The individual, seeking to learn, tries something new but only tries it on himself. If he fails, he has hurt only himself. If he succeeds he has made a discovery many people can use. Experiment only with your own time, your own money, your own labor. That’s the honest, sincere type of experiment. It’s rich.

2 thoughts on “On Experiments

  1. A good insight ! It takes courage to do such experiments – many a times, we depend on others to be with us to do experiments of any sort, and when we dont find such support, we dont undertake the experiments. Maybe that is the reason that Indians have not generated much original knowledge to be of help to others..

    1. Thanks for that observation. I am not sure whether it is specific to a nationality or other demographic constraints. It is probably how you are brought up. Allowing kids to experiment and fail at early stages probably helps.I find that problem in many cultures including in some entrepreneurial communities.

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