Once in a While, I Slip Into a Fantasy World

Once in a while, I slip into a fantasy world. Normally it is triggered by some article or book  I read or some movie I watch.

  • It may be because I love SciFi  – though, I am not finding time to doing much of that nowadays.
  • It may be because I was crazy about the Space programs in mid nineties and used to read up everything I could get from the American Library
  • It may be because there is an inherent geek in me that believes in break through scientific discoveries
  • It may also be because I am always fascinated by Science – both the Science I know and the Science I have no clue about

It does not matter why. I kind of like being a bit of a nut, hoping to see galactic travel in the next couple of decades by humans. Now that I know about 100yss my hope has gone up a couple of notches.

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