Booklog: Typical Sales Mistakes

Seven Fatal Sales Mistakes from Predictable Revenue, covers typical mistakes companies make.

  1. Not Taking Responsibility for Understanding Sales & Lead Generation
  2. Thinking Account Executives Should Prospect
  3. Assuming Channels Will Sell for You
  4. Talent Fumbles (Hiring, Training, Incenting)
  5. Thinking “Product-Out,” not “Customer-In”
  6. Sloppy Tracking and Measurement
  7. Command-and-Control Management
  8. Bonus: Under-investing in Customer Success

This chapter answers several questions listed below

  1. How do you make sure that you do not  create unreasonable revenue goals? 
  2. How do find out what you need to change in your marketing/sales to meet or exceed these goals?
  3. At what stage do you approach channel partners?
  4. How do you understand what part of your solution is really useful for your customers?
  5. How much time do you need to spend with your customers and understand their changing needs?
  6. How effectively do you measure activities that result in conversions?
  7. How do you create predictability of customer acquisition and growth?

Some of the answers may surprise you.

The chapter ends with a nice piece of advice.

Hold the hands of your first 50 customers; give them lots of love.

There’s no process or magic to this: call them, visit them, talk to them! Ask them what they need, if they have any improvements or ideas to suggest. Ask their advice. Then do something about it.

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