Think Complexity – A Book Born Out of Boredom and Fascination

Just started reading – Think Complextiy. The author explains why he wrote this book.

This book is inspired by boredom and fascination: boredom with the usual presentation of data structures and algorithms, and fascination with complex systems. The problem with data structures is that they are often taught without a motivating context; the problem with complexity science is that it is usually not taught at all.

This book is intended as a scaffold for an intermediate-level college class in Python programming and algorithms.

Allen B. Downey also created an introductory book Think Python – How to think like a Computer Scientist and published it under Creative Commons License. A few more books sprung up based on the material of Think Python. So Professor Allen, started a new revolution in Python world and is the inspiration for other works.

I found it in O’Reilly bookstore and started reading it using their online Safari service. I found a reference to this free version.