Six Thinking Frames – Interest Frame

In Six Thinking Frames, Edward De Bono discusses different frames (lenses) through which you look at information. He associates a shape with each frame.

Here is a bit about information and interest

When we are using information to answer some need, then that need is strong enough to search the information. There is more, however, in information than the satisfaction of the need of the moment.  The heart frame, directs attention to matters of interest.

Interest may seem an intangible area, but is a very important one. Over time, a sensitivity to interest builds up a large store of background information that will become useful in many situations.

One really useful insight from this chapter is mining information for its interest value.

 In a gold mine, you are looking for gold. In the same way, you can set out to ‘mine’ a piece of information for its interest value.

A few thoughts:

  • What is the role of “interest” in the spread of memes as well as propagation of news?
  • What percentage of businesses are built purely to cater to people’s interests rather than needs.
  • How can you evoke interest to get attention or increase awareness in your product or service?
  • What happens when you look at material – blog posts, news items and books through an “interest frame”?