LinkLog: Open IDEO Challenge

This is information worth spreading. Here is the current Open IDEO Challenge:

  • How might we better collectively solve problems facing our neighbourhoods?
  • How might communities look out for each other more?
  • How might we provide a safe space for positive and constructive action?
  • How might we help passive citizens become active contributors?
  • How might the role of the government evolve in the future, with regards to local neighbourhoods?

Do you have ideas on any one of these? I would certainly be interested in discussing  “how might we help passive citizens to be more active”.

Here is the link to the challenge if you are interested in contributing your ideas. Also check out how the challenge works.


Studying their challenges is one way to learn about the Five Step Open Innovation Process they use and the way they leverage collective intelligence on a global scale to solve important world problems.

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