Five of My Favorites from 21 Golden Rules of Entrepreneurship

Morning read –  21 Golden Rules for Entreprenurs from Udemy.  Here are five of my favorite quotes from this course.

Exceptional people, no matter what the endeavor is, believe it first, and then they see it. This just means that they’re able to see in their mind’s eye, with great detail, what they want a future experience to be like.

The only thing you control is your work ethic.

What’s driving you? What’s your “why” for doing this? If  you don’t have a big “why” constantly pushing you forward, you’re always going to use the “what” and the “how” as an excuse for not following through.

If  you don’t have money, experience or a product,  what do you have to trade? You have no currency, all you can sell is ether. It means you can paint a future experience for somebody in such specific detail, with such substantial intricacies that it feels tangible.

I’ve seen what I thought were great ideas fall apart. Ideas do not make a difference; execution does.

I started out with writing some comments for each one of these quotes. Then, I thought better of it and deleted them all. I did not want to distract you. If you want to read why do I like these 5 over all the others, read on.

1. I have experienced these in my own startup journeys and know them to be true. I can give several examples for each one of them.

2. Our ideas come from several sources. Some times you see a connection between a persistent problem and a new way to solve it. Some times you keep asking yourself ‘why?’ several times and suddenly come up with a possible answer. Sometimes you have the strong urge to improve the way things are done. It does not matter how you get your ideas. You need to visualize them, think deeply about them, able to explain it to others and paint a picture. Then only you can take the next step. This course does a great job of telling you why and how.

3. They provide a nice blend of philosophy and practice.

If  I had to pick only one of these 5, it would be the ‘big why?’ since it is the engine that powers your journey.