Because it is Beautiful

This is going to be a bit of a ramble. There! I warned you!

Here is  a quote, I came across today:

The mathematician does not study pure mathematics because it is useful; he studies it because he delights in it and he delights in it because it is beautiful.

Henri Poincaré

Some times, I feel that I should have studied Mathematics instead of Engineering. It was a subject I loved and was reasonably good at. Instead, I went to take Physics because my dad wanted me to. I got bored with the college and switched to Engineering. Engineering was good to me.   It was kind of effortless (we did not have many tests in my time) and I made some really good friends. I even married the sister of one my classmates. Engineering degree got me into computers and that was good too. So overall, I have no complaints.

Back to the beauty part. I think when you get down deep into a subject you like, you do see a kind of beauty. It is difficult to describe, because it is a feeling that is very special to you. There is no language to share it. You need to invent a new vocabulary.  Some times you find beauty in other things – like ideas and some times, it is just the interactions you have.

I think happiness in life is a very simple thing. Find enough things in which you can experience that beauty and get involved in them.


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