Social Media Analytics, Computational Journalism, Cognitive Mapping

Social media analytics will be next big wave

Companies are creating, harvesting and analysing data to find more insights about their customers and the profitability of their businesses.

McDonalds apparently took 45 years to sell 100 billion burgers. Apple took seven years for 100 billion downloads. And Android has done it in three. That’s the velocity of change.

Computational Journalism

How computer scientists can empower journalists, democracy’s watchdogs, in the production of news in the public interest.

Broadly defined, it can involve changing how stories are discovered, presented, aggregated, monetized, and archived. Computation can advance journalism by drawing on innovations in topic detection, video analysis, personalization, aggregation, visualization, and sensemaking.

Advances in analytic techniques, computing power, and the volume of digitally stored documents have prompted improvements in making sense of unstructured data.

Cognitive Mapping – An instructor’s Guide

There is growing evidence that the success or failure of technological innovation depends crucially on cognitions of key people in adopting organisations because these cognitions shape choices about the design of technological solutions