Reid Hoffman’s Talk on “The Startup of You”

Was listening to a podcast of Reid Hoffman’s talk  – Stanford ETL.  He talked about “The Startup of You” (the title of his book). A few bullets which by no means does justice to his talk since it lacks context of these statements. But I thought that I should list down the things that resonated with me most so that I can remember this talk.

Being an entrepreneur of your own life (The startup of you) – what does that mean?

  1. Forces of Change – Technology and People. Technology disrupts industries. It is an accelerating change.
  2. Taking Risks – Adopting to changing game around you
  3. Taking Intelligent Risks
  4. Asking yourself – “What can I be good at?”
  5. Asking yourself – “How am I almost world class?”
  6. Asking yourself – “How can I see what others don’t see?”
  7. Charting a Path – Navigating in an ocean vs driving on a road
  8. Being half wrong late in the game does not help
  9. If it is not 10X different, it is not different at all
  10. Asking yourself constantly –  “what is my big idea?”

He also talks about aspects of employment and the concept of “tour of duty”  but I have not included that in this list.

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