Why Do You Think, We Have To Put Up With This?

I just have three questions. Why do you think, we have to put up with this?

  • The inability to run an operating system of choice on a mobile device
  •  The restrictions on what language we can use to build mobile apps
  •  The restrictions on how to distribute your apps

Is it capacity constraints of devices? I don’t think so. We ran much more powerful kernels in smaller amounts of memory.

Is it the lack of a reference design (for hardware)?

Is it because mobile operating systems need to work under different assumptions?

Is it because there is no Apache like organization for mobile operating systems?

Is it because mobile is heavily linked to the cloud?

Why can’t I write my app in PERL or Python or  C or any other language? On Android, it is Java (yeah I know about SL4A) and on IOS it is Objective C, both pretty yukky languages for rapid prototyping and innovation. And the alternative is html5 and Javascript? Wow!

Why do we, as an industry keep walking into these dead ends? I am surely missing something here.