What Ever You Want to Do, Some One Either Has Already…

Whatever you want to do, some one either has already done it or some variation of it. I once saw a cool page on Facebook called 1000 things to do in SFO and decided to do a modest version – 100 things to do in Chennai. Last year, I did not make much progress (may be less than 10 entries). Today I stumbled upon a site – 365 Things To Do In Chennai.

So I decided to get a bit smarter and simply Google “things to do in Chennai” (not sure why I did not think of it earlier).

Here is a partial list

Things to Do in Chennai (Madras) – Chennai (Madras) Attractions – TripAdvisor – 34 things

Things to do in Chennai (Madras) – Lonely Planet  – 89 things

30 Things To do in Chennai... well, 30 things

A comprehensive (unnumbered) list from Wiki Travel – too lazy to count

100 things to do in Chennai (but only 8 entries so far) on Facebook

I was happy to see that Google brought my own well intention-ed but purely executed Facebook page (the last entry in the list) on the first page of the results.

I know there are several overlaps and some day I may merge all these and clean it up. Till then…