n Things You Use Your Mobile For…

What are the n things you use your mobile for, other than making calls and sending text messages? Here is my list in the order of usage.

  1. To check email when I am not at my desk
  2. To check time and date (I don’t wear a watch)
  3. To turn off sound while going into meetings and taking naps
  4. To take pictures and share it with family/friends instantly
  5. To tweet and read tweets when I am on the road
  6. To make quick notes or jot ideas (using Ever Note)
  7. To check the calendar
  8. To play a few games
  9. Occasionally to get a sense of direction (with a compass app)
  10.  Occasionally to find directions (using Google maps)
  11. Once in a while make meek attempts to manage my time using Pomodoro task application
  12. Even less frequently to fill my Got To Do list which I never look at  till it is too late
  13. Very rarely as a flashlight (using the flashlight app)
  14. To entertain little kids with applications like Paint Joy. They always want games that I don’t have.

There are lots of other peripheral uses but they don’t count as much. As it is in books and bookmarks and other web related activities, my ambitions for doing things far outweigh my actual use. So there are a bunch of apps that I downloaded but never used.

What about you?

2 thoughts on “n Things You Use Your Mobile For…

  1. In addition to the most items in your list, I also use the phone for the following:

    – Listen to podcasts (while driving specifically). Check out the ACast app.
    – Read EBooks (Kindle mostly)
    – Playing around with HDR photos
    – Online Dictionary app when reading books
    – Quickly convert timezones
    – RSS Reader (gReader)
    – Take photocopies (every govt/non-govt entity needs photo copies of something or the other)
    – Send Photos/Videos to my TV (Skifta app via DLNP) when watching with family
    – Also as a Remote to my Samsung TV (SamyGo Remote)
    – Making and keeping track of grocery lists
    – Some times find nearby places using Google’s places app
    – Re-install modified & latest OS when getting bored
    – Keeping track of Trip details using TripCase or similar software
    – Watch lots of Ted.com videos
    – Occasionally, use SoundHound to identify a song being played and add to my collection
    – Sometimes, follow the exercise apps. Doesn’t happen very often 🙂
    – Checkin using Foursquare when I land up in some unknown places
    – When in balcony or terrace, track any visible satellites (Satellite AR app). Unsuccessful so far
    – yes, also make phone calls 🙂

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