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I promised to provide some links to my blogs on Social Media and Blogging to the group that attended my unconference session at Social Media Summit.

Some are small (about a para) and some of them are kind of long. Just quickly browse through them and figure out which ones you want to dig a little deeper into.

Social Media

Once in a while, I get people asking me about Social Media and what Social Media engagement means. Here is an attempt to describe it at 50,000′ level.
Here are some of the skills for a scientist position for Social Media Analytics
When Social Media Monitoring is conducted for market intelligence, you take on a broader perspective. The link discusses:
– Monitoring signals about market trends
– Gain insights about new product categories
– Mapping the needs of a company for intelligence with what social media monitoring provides
The Inbound Marketing Starter Kit includes 4 how-to videos and an instructional e-book. Pretty good resource if you want to know the new marketing tools and techniques.
Six types of social media tools. Now there are more. Will find that blog and update this one.
Almost all of us need information. A lot of information is freely available on the Web. Learning a few techniques on how to mine information on the Web is a useful skill


To me blogging is therapeutic. When I get to do it, it makes me feel good. But there are other reasons to blog as well. You can figure out your own.
Most of the traits I listed below are based on a few observations of my favorite bloggers
How do you find what blogs to read? Researchers at Carnegie Mellon seem to have a solution – an algorithm calledCascade.
Definitely blogging has changed my life a lot. After starting this blog, I have kind of started being more research oriented
Here is how various people promote their blogs. This is from an interactive session at WordCamp 2006. This is an old article but still a good read.

I think there are different ways of looking at blogs – Broad, Deep and T-shaped.

How Do You Promote Your Blogs?

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