Bringing An Idea to Life in 50 Hours

Here is an experiment we are going to try. Can you spend about 50 hours of intense work (over a weekend) and bring an idea to life? You sure can. There is a way to find out. Join us at in50hours and build a software product.

Who is it for?

You may be a developer or a designer. Or you may be just loaded with ideas having no product design or development experience. All of you are welcome. You can either come with a team or hope to convince others to join you.

How do you get started?

You start by pitching your idea to the whole group of peers and mentors.  You are bound to get some questions and feedback.  You will also be assigned a mentor. You start with research, creating UI and building a functional prototype in small incremental steps.

What is different?

We want to try a few new things. Provide some guidance on how to validate an idea. Provide help from people who have built products before. Have your buddies help test your creation and give you feedback. All under one roof. In less than 50 hours.

Why Should You Come?

Ideas, while good, have the bad habit of slowly eating your brain. Get them out, give them a shape and find out whether some one can use them. It is the best way to put that uneasy question lurking in the back of your mind to rest.

It is not often that you get so many smart, intense  people in one place working to build things. I hope you will come and join In50hrs.

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    1. Hi Raghu,
      Thanks. Yes. We will add a few more posts and probably have individual teams post as well about what they got out of the effort.

      BTW, do the links work for you?

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