Social Media for Market Intelligence

When Social Media Monitoring is conducted for market intelligence, you take on a broader perspective.For example, you can monitor whether online discussions are in line with your intended product positioning. How do product users perceive features of your product and competing products? Are intended or unintended user segments actively discussing your product? Are new product features being favorably perceived? What are opinion leaders saying? Are industry journalists and analysts blogging in a favorable tone about the competition or about your company? Who are the product influencers in driving adoption for new products and services?

In which networks or forums are product users expressing new ideas about desired features? What do they think about where the industry is headed with the next wave of products?”

This bulletin discusses the needs of Market Intelligence and how some of them can be fulfilled by social media. Some of the topics discussed include:

– Monitoring signals about market trends
– Gain insights about new product categories
– Mapping the needs of a company for intelligence with what social media monitoring provides