LinkLog: The Pursuit of Excellence in Programming

Mastering a complex discipline such as programming requires a great amount of learning over the course of several years, perhaps even decades. Maximizing one’s ability to learn is therefore an early investment that can quickly repay itself.

The biggest impact on my ability to learn was caused by a shift in the way I considered the matter of intelligence. There are mainly two ways to think about it. You can either consider intelligence to be a static, intrinsic ability or a more dynamic, cultivable characteristic of human beings.

Most smart kids figure out that they are smart on their own rather quickly. The real problem was that I wasn’t taught the value of long-term intellectual effort.

Pursuing excellence in programming requires the study of many insightful books that will widen your view of the field and as a result necessarily improve your craft.

Getting things done in software development requires a certain pragmatism and proficiency with the tools at hand. There is no escaping it. Depth is therefore necessary, but not sufficient.

I tend to use the Internet as an aid for horizontal scaling of my knowledge, and books for vertical scaling.

The pursuit of excellence requires a huge drive from within, and a fundamental dissatisfaction with just being good at a given discipline.

An interesting discussion on static vs Dynamic Intelligence.