LinkLog: The NoSQL Alternative

A new generation of low-cost, high-performance database software is rapidly emerging to challenge SQL’s dominance in distributed processing and Big Data applications. Some companies have already traded SQL’s rich functionality for these new options that let them create, work with, and manage large data sets.

A big reason for this movement, dubbed NoSQL, is that different implementations of Web, enterprise, and cloud computing applications have different requirements of their databases. Not every app requires rigid data consistency, for example.

We can already sense a lot of curiosity and interest in NoSQL in Chennai. In the first Techmeet of ChennaiGeeks, Vagmi presented MongoDB. I think we need to get back and explore the entire subject in much greater detail. Looks as if the topic NoSQL may deserve a whole day (if not more) of discussion, debate and some hacking.

Next to Cloud Computing (and along with it), this may be one of the hottest topics.