What If Startups Were Your Target Market?

What if startups were your target market?


  1. They are easy to find (if you provide the proper resources for them to use)
  2. They are easy to approach
  3. They share a lot of common problems (at an abstract level)


  1. Most of them are likely to have little or no money
  2. They don’t have much time, so whatever you provide better be really useful
  3. Their challenges may span a wide spectrum – generating ideas, validating ideas, building prototypes, finding initial customers, finding early adopters/evangelists, getting funding (through angels initially and VCs later), validating products, finding good business models etc.

What if you can really help them in the areas that make a huge difference? I would count services that helps startups as thick value, since these startups, even when they are moderately successful, will create economic value.

3 thoughts on “What If Startups Were Your Target Market?

  1. just while you are on this subject – pls do look at india’s first crowd-sourcing platform for start-ups. Hope it somewhat satisfies your criterion.

    Would await your kind feedback on the site.


    1. Satish,
      Thanks. Looks interesting. Will explore a bit. I think there was another Twitter thread on micro-investments. A few of us were talking about it in Chennai. Glad to find some one actually doing it. You may want to post few messages in Chennai OCC, TiE and Nasscom forums. Are you planning to be at the Nasscom Product Conclave in Bangalore next month?

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