Top 20 Search Terms on My Blog

Once in a while I look at the top 20 search terms on my blog. I need to correlate it with the most read posts. This combo tells me a lot about what I need to focus on in future posts.

  1. innovation process
  2. multiple intelligence(s)
  3. dorai (and dorai thodla)
  4. programming language trends
  5. python
  6. intelligence
  7. synesthesic
  8. ontology in research
  9. definition of work
  10. 13 dwarfs
  11. how to choose a blog title
  12. knowledge economy
  13. essence of education
  14. google marker
  15. web 2.0 space
  16. ideas
  17. currency of information
  18. patterns for parallel programming
  19. how to read mathematics
  20. what is ontology in research


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