A Few Python Resources and a Twitter App to Track Them

I work with students quite a bit. When I talk to them about Python, they want to first know why. I tell them Why I love Python and why they should look at Python. If they are convinced, then they ask me whether I have any pointers to resources or how they can learn Python. I point them to a couple of really good free ebooks on Python. After a while the students come back and ask me whether I can give them a few problem sets.

So I started putting together a simple resource list for people interested in learning Python. I added a few tiny projects and a couple of other places they can go to get projects.

I gather a lot of information in Python since we are using it to build products, write a few tools and teach students programming.  I would like to organize them a bit and share them in these pages.  You can track this list using a simple twitter app called checkpage (Yes, we wrote this app in Python and used a popular Python web framework called Django). All you have to do is to tweet:

@checkpage start http://dorai.wordpress.com/?s=python

Check page simply checks a page at regular intervals and notifies you, if it changes. It is free. For example, you can use it to track the popular python links on delicious

@checkpage start http://delicious.com/popular/python

Good luck and leave a comment here if you have any suggestions.

The product is not available any more. Planning to merge this functionality into some of our other products.