What Technologies Will Have Major Impact In the Next 5 Years?

During the lightning talk session at DevCamp #dcc1, I asked the audience to predict “What Technologies Will Have Major Imact in the Next 5 Years”. Here are some answers (in no particular order):

1. Google Wave

2. HTML5 and CSS

3. iPad like devices, interactive books

4. Windows 7 Phone

5. Mobile Applications

6. Mobile Commerce

7. Augmented Reality

Add to this list if your favorite one is not here.

Added four more from Satya (see comments)

8. Small Business applications (services)

9.  Human-Machine Interaction space

10. Online Gaming. (Virtual Reality)

11.  Social Applications

4 thoughts on “What Technologies Will Have Major Impact In the Next 5 Years?

  1. The items listed are fantastic. I’d have my own couple of additions to this..
    1. Small Business applications (services)
    2. Human-Machine Interaction space
    3. Online Gaming. (Virtual Reality)
    4. Social Applications and their effect on our lives.

    1. I will add the more specific ones but it will be great if you can pick each one of them and say why they will impact. You can do that in your blog and send me a link, if you want.

      You can even do them one by one (which is what I intend to do).

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