End of PC Era? I am not so sure.

I saw this Tweet from one my friends today with a link to an article about three reasons why the PC era will end. Here is my retweet:

via @jcfrinak: “Three Reasons the PC Era Is Coming To An End” – http://bit.ly/anVc6g I use iPad but would not trade it for my laptop yet

Let me explain. I love iPad for a few reasons – speed, long battery life ease of reading books and playing a few games. But it is not going to replace my laptop yet. I still create quite a bit  of content in my daily life – write  documents, blog, tweet, code and communicate through chats and Google Wave. iPad would not be my preferred device for any of these activities.

I get the point though. The amount of time I am spending on my laptop is reducing. Now about a third of that time is on other devices – my Android phone, my iPod Touch (music and podcasts when I walking) and iPad (for reading). Also more and more of the apps (more than 50%) I use, are on the Cloud.

It is possible that a future tablet may become my primary device. But for that to happen, I need the following:

  • Ability to download any  app I want from the web
  • Better business apps than what I currently see on mobile devices and iPad
  • A good input device (preferably an integrated keyboard)
  • Ability to run the browser of my choice (currently Firefox)
  • A simpler way to switch apps (a toolbar would be a good start)