Innovating With Tweets

It is always a pleasure to see meaningful, useful applications of any technology. Some of these are just surfacing for Twitter. Here is one mentioned in the article India Inc is All Twitter.

Of what use can 140 characters be to a very large private bank in India? If those characters make a “tweet”, you will be surprised with the results. With the help of Mahesh Murthy, founder and CEO of search engine marketing firm Pinstorm, and his team, this private bank monitors around 1,600 tweets or conversations a day.

Murthy and his team respond to 200 to 300 tweets daily to either thank the twitter for a complimentary remark concerning the bank or “correct a perception” as Murthy puts it.

“Even simple things like not having enough cash in an ATM get reported in tweets. It is extremely important to react at the earliest to such problems and the tweets give the bank ample opportunity to take quick action, remedy the situation, and preserve their brand image in the bargain,” explains Murthy. The other tweets are ignored but nevertheless stored for future reference by the bank.

Ideas trigger ideas. I hope Mahesh and his team get the due recognition for taking Twitter to Banks. I hope they continue innovating and inspire many of us to do so as well.

Source: A friendly Tweet from @nramaiah

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  1. Hi Dorai, thanks for the kind words about Pinstorm and Mahesh. Thanks to well-wishers like you, we’ll do our best to innovate and remain at the forefront of this digital adventure.

    Asfaq Tapia

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