DBPedia New Release Contains Over 2.9 Million Things

DbPedia is a public database built using RDF and is a great example of LinkedData. When you see DbPedia and Freebase, you can see the slow emergence of data web. From their web page


The new DBpedia data set describes more than 2.9 million things, including 282,000 persons, 339,000 places, 88,000 music albums, 44,000 films, 15,000 video games, 119,000 organizations, 130,000 species and 4400 diseases. The DBpedia data set now features labels and abstracts for these things in 91 different languages; 807,000 links to images and 3,840,000 links to external web pages; 4,878,100 external links into other RDF datasets, 415,000 Wikipedia categories, and 75,000 YAGO categories. The data set consists of 479 million pieces of information (RDF triples) out of which 190 million were extracted from the English edition of Wikipedia and 289 million were extracted from other language editions. 

Source: Reddit Semantic Web thanks to  @mhermans