Stephen Hawking: Self Designed Evolution

A Broader View from Stephen Hawking:

“I think it is legitimate to take a broader view, and include externally transmitted information, as well as DNA, in the evolution of the human race,” Hawking said.

In the last ten thousand years the human species hasĀ  been in what Hawking calls, “an external transmission phase,” where the internal record of information, handed down to succeeding generations in DNA, has not changed significantly. “But the external record, in books, and other long lasting forms of storage,” Hawking says, “has grown enormously. Some people would use the term, evolution, only for the internally transmitted genetic material, and would object to it being applied to information handed down externally. But I think that is too narrow a view. We are more than just our genes.”

I really like this part. There is, of course, a big IF:

If the human race manages to redesign itself, to reduce or eliminate the risk of self-destruction, we will probably reach out to the stars and colonize other planets.

An exciting future to think about.

One thought on “Stephen Hawking: Self Designed Evolution

  1. i like this phrase “self designed evolution”…….i think Evolutionary psychology is more important than think about self designed evolution….
    Human resourcefulness unlimited…….and you never know what is in store for us tomorrow……

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