The Aristocracy of Talent

I was reading several posts from this blog. Some are very fascinating. But this made me smile:

The aristocracy of talent was all that mattered here, and why on earth would you put up with the potential of someone less talented than you telling you what to do?

It was a thought that used to run through my mind a lot when I used to work. It works the other way too, when you switch places and start your own company. If there is nothing some one can learn from you, why should they work in your company?

I heard a variation of this from a student more recently. “Why do I have sit and suffer through a class when I am not learning much?”. Definitely a question to ponder. Keeps coming up more and more nowadays.


The blog post that triggered this one is here. James has a lot of other insights worth reading about.

2 thoughts on “The Aristocracy of Talent

  1. It is something constantly on my mind now. I have all these new Gen-Yers in my team and I have to say I can’t help but wonder what they’re thinking. Am I the new roadblock?

  2. @James
    Thank you for sharing that. I have seen, over the last few months a few references to “talent crunch”, “talent development”, “Working with GenY crowd”. These vary from podcasts to blogs. Let me see whether I can collect them into a set of related links. I became aware of it when I watched my kids work, but also when I heard a talk on “Continuous partial attention”. I agree with you about the constant thought “how can I get out of the way and yet gently guide them”.


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