LinkLog: How Do You Measure the Success of Your Blog?

I just wanted to leave a comment on By What Metric Comes Success?. But the spam filter threw some funny message that did not make sense. So here is my comment. To make sense of this post, you may want to first read the original post.

Traffic is good but it is not everything. Intelligent comments are good but  people don’t often comment unless you say something great or too controversial. References of your blog posts are good. Like some one said about Retweets, if some one quotes portions of your blog, it may be an indication that you said something useful. But it all depends on why you are blogging. It could be anything from self-expression, an urge to share, to start a few conversations or participate in them.

What is my metric? If I can send my blog link to some one and they understand who I am and what my interests are, I would consider that a good metric.