Python Links Jan 7, 2009

Was wondering whether I should just put this in a page instead of blogging every day. Anyway, here are the links.

  1. lxml 2.1.5- lxml is a Pythonic, mature binding for the libxml2 and libxslt libraries. It provides safe and convenient access to these libraries using the ElementTree API
  2. Blender 3D: Blending Into Python/Optimize – A wikibook for Blender Python API, a growing collection of Python modules (libraries) that give access to part of the program’s internal data and functions. Also see Blender Python API Reference
  3. IMDbPY 3.9 IMDbPY is a Python package useful to retrieve and manage the data of the IMDb movie database about movies, people, characters and companies.
  4. owyl 0.2.1 – The goal of Owyl: provide a fast and flexible Behavior Tree library implemented in python. For more on behavior trees refer to
  5. PyAMF 0.4rc2 The Adobe Integrated Runtime and Flash Player use AMF to communicate between an application and a remote server. PyAMF provides Action Message Format (AMF) support for Python that is compatible with the Flash Player.


Some of these alerts come from’s  Python Package Index (pypi) and others come from a variety of sources including PlanetPython (and variants), wikibooks and several other sources. The descriptions are simply extracted from the headings of these pages.

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