Wikis and Knowlets – A Concept Web for Knowledge Representation

Stumbled upon this site today. Seems to be taking the wiki based collaboration one level higher.

Wikiprofessional’s Concept Web Initiative is a global collaboration to innovate how knowledge is represented and expanded on the Internet.


The Knowlet summarizes the relations between the concepts and presents the strength of the relationship based on a value derived from three main factors: factual (F) statements found in scientific databases, the co-occurrence (C) of two concepts in a text, and a predictive (P) parameter based on the conceptual overlap of the two concepts.

An extension to MediaWiki

The Wiki is an extension of the MediaWiki software that enables Wiki editing capability in a relational database structure.

Just the beginning

The first incarnation of the wiki is for Life Sciences called WikiProteins.

While the Life Sciences are the starting point for the Concept Web, the Wikiprofessional collaboration intends to expand the knowledge representation and expansion dynamics of the Concept Web systematically in disciplines and languages throughout the world.

This will be an interesting development to watch. With an impressive list of Collaboration and Research Partners, WikiProfessional seems to be off to a good start.

Many questions remain.

  • How will this be different from DbPedia and other similar efforts?
  • What is the connection to the Semantic Web?
  • Is the code an open source like MediaWiki (WikiProfessional is based on MediaWiki)
  • Is Knowlets the right meme for knowledge representation? In all fields of interest?