The New Skills?

What are the skills required for handling future jobs?

I found this reportĀ  from National Academies Press. A few skills listed in this document include:

  1. Creative Problem Solving
  2. Complex Communication Skills
  3. Adaptability
  4. Self-management
  5. Self-development
  6. Systems thinking

From my experience of working across two continents, I would like to add a few more:

  1. Critical Thinking
  2. Cross cultural training
  3. Curiosity
  4. Inspired and Inspiring (got this from a job ad at Forrester’s research)

I want to dwelve a bit on “Self Management”. I use it as a primary metric to hire people since I do not believe in supervising or managing people. I found that many people who are great at managing themselves do it because they believe in a cause, passionate about what they do or extremely proud of their work.

How do you develop these competencies? Or even explain why they are important? That is the challenge that requires a lot of innovation in teaching or coaching.

Also See:

Malcolm Gladwell on the challenge of hiring in the modern world.


This post was triggered by an email from ACM news about a study done in Ireland. Looking at the study, I felt that some of these problems have global implications. So I started searching on “future skills” India, USA.

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