Skills for Social Media Analytics

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Here are some of the skills for a scientist position for Social Media Analytics from a government organization in USA: Concept categorization Topic classification/topic modeling Natural language processing Sentiment analysis Opinion mining Entity or relationship extraction Social network analysis Swarm-based opinion prediction and Text mining of social media

The Mismatch Problem

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I was watching this video of Malcolm Gladwell’s talk over the weekend and enjoyed every minute of it.  Malcolm has the uncanny ability to look at problems in new ways. He was talking about the challenges in finding the right people to hire in various professions. He calls it the “mismatch problem”   According to Malcolm, […]

The New Skills?

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What are the skills required for handling future jobs? I found this report  from National Academies Press. A few skills listed in this document include: Creative Problem Solving Complex Communication Skills Adaptability Self-management Self-development Systems thinking From my experience of working across two continents, I would like to add a few more: Critical Thinking Cross […]