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Interaction Design Patterns for web development is probably one of the most useful resources for application developers. We already see many of these patterns in applications today. I am really thankful to Martijn van Welie, for taking the effort to list these patterns and document them in such a high quality blog list.

This is such a wonderful effort to take each pattern, describe it and identify implementations and usability information. For example, look at Accordion Pattern which includes very useful notes on Thoughts on Usability. In addition to a nice categorization list, there are good links to resources and code for implementation. Found the following links to interaction design patterns from this site.

The overall goal of this work is to aid practice by speeding up the diffusion of new interaction techniques and evaluation results from researchers, presenting the information in a form more palatable and usable to practicing designers. Towards this end, we have developed an initial and emerging pattern language for ubiquitous computing, consisting of 45 pre-patterns describing application genres, physical-virtual spaces, interaction and systems techniques for managing privacy, and techniques for fluid interactions.

It will be nice to see the following additions. This can be actually built from inputs by the community.

  • A tag map based on interaction-idioms
  • A tag map or feature-matrix (like the mashup matrix) based on products where these patterns are used.

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