Little Innovations: Plone 3.0 and Wikiness

I have been talking about some of the wiki attributes for normal text. For lack of a better term I called it Wikiness. It is nice to see that as one of the new features added to Plone 3.0 which was released recently. From the

Lets you use the wiki markup to create and link documents in any content.

Plone takes a novel approach to the wiki format — incorporating support for it in all existing documents. That means that we support wiki markup in any type of content — be it plain text, any of the text-based markups, HTML — it even works with Word and PDF documents if you have display transforms set up for these.

A common complaint about wikis is that they have weak access control, and promote bad site structure. This new approach to wiki in Plone means that you can get the benefits of the quick and easy wiki content generation and linking, housed in a world-class content management system with proper access controls and the multitude of features exclusive to Plone.

It’s wiki, without the wiki aftertaste!

It is one of the many little innovations in this new version of Plone.  Other notable innovations include support for Microformats. Here is a list of new features in Plone 3.