Problems Inspire Creativity

I think problems inspire creativity. Some times the creativity results in art. This is the case with Santhosh, a student at BMA India, one of the most impressive institutions, I have come across. They have a great facility, with state of the art computer labs. I was there last week, giving a couple of talks.

Santhosh, a student of BMA, walked into the class with this drawing. I asked him what the story was.

Like most of the commuters in Bangalore, Santhosh gets stuck in traffic, once in a while. The problem is acute and he spent some time to visually depict it. I was pretty impressed, and  requested a copy of the drawing and promised to blog about it. So hear it is.


Traffic is a big problem in India especially in major metros.  It is not only poor infrastructure, but also the mix of different types of vehicles on the road.

2 thoughts on “Problems Inspire Creativity

  1. the so called outer ring roads laid some years back have now become inner ring roads with unplanned and un organized development, taking place all over Bangalore adn the concentric circles are more likely to expand in the days to come swallowing the traffic discpline, time and the peace of the people and the green city.

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