Cool Tools for the Web – Part-2

I have been playing with Netvibes for a while. Today I made it my home page. It is cool. You can build your portal page by dragging and dropping widgets and setting a few parameters. My home page contains some tech news feeds, a few RSS feeds, my bookmarks and some cool widgets like Astronomy Today, Blog Search, Image Search, Podcast Search, Video Search.

Netvibes now has a Unviersal Widget API. Here is a short description from their site:

With UWA, your Netvibes widget is by default able to work on most other widget platforms and blog systems: Netvibes, Google IG, Apple Dashboard…

  • Code once and run your widget on most platforms.

  • Rely on our open-source JavaScript runtime, soon ported to more and more platforms.

  • Get access to the Netvibes UI environment, a cool UI that gives a fresh and shiny look to your widget.

  • Build your widgets around open services, or give your users access to your open API through your very own widget.

  • Coming soon: leverage our translation community to see your widget ported and localized.

I tested a few and they work both in Netvibes as well as Google Pages. I hope we can get UWA widely adopted across vendors.

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