It is You

  • You – The Author/Editor/Reader of Wikipedia and millions of wikis around the world
  • You – The Social Bookmarker, the uninhibited knowledge sharer
  • You – The Wonderful Creator and Consumer of countless videos and other content
  • You – The Citizen journalist sharing thoughts and commentaries using millions of blogs
  • You – The Tagomizer, with a few clicks, classifying information and helping countless others
  • You – The Virtual Channel for spreading information and knowledge
  • You – The Collaborator of all those wonderful open source software and free services
  • You – The author of the intercreative Web
  • You – The Student and the Teacher, teaching while learning

It is The Global You. You are a mini-cosmos and embody everything great about humanity. It is You that Time magazine has chosen as the person of the year for 2006. It is so fitting. Just for being there and doing what you do. For just being You.

Happy 2007.

One thought on “It is You

  1. Thank you! I’ve never felt so appreciated before! I’d like to thank the following people for my award. First off, I wanna thank God for guiding me and putting life into this lump of clay. I’d also like to thank my parents… [continues to ramble…]

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