We Need A Different Kind Of News

How come there is so little news about  Seymour Papert, Doug Engelbart and others great people? After hearing about Seymour Papert’s accident, I felt sad. I hope he recovers fast. News about him is not that easy to find.

I am trying to track information about Papert’s recovery and even went and created a Google alert. I got just one alert with some old news in the past three days.

There is something funny about news in this world. We get so much more of what we don’t want. When you really need information we like, things that we care about, we really have to dig for it.


Patti Foley of MIT News Office was kind enough to send me this link to track Seymour Papert’s health updates.

3 thoughts on “We Need A Different Kind Of News

  1. Dorai

    Some News!

    Papert flown back to US, posted 22 Dec 2006 at 10:19 CST by steve » (Master)

    A 25 hour flight on a Swiss Air Ambulance plane has brought Papert back to the US, according to a recent article. He has been moved to Mass General Hospital in Boston. The article also includes more information on the driver of the motorbike that his Papert. Police have filed charges against the drivers who hit Papert and Nguyen Van Dao.

    The irony of it all is that Papert had been discussing how to construct a computer model of Hanoi’s chaotic traffic at the time of the accident. Hanoi traffic is dominated by motorbike riders who ignore lanes and traffic signals, leading to thousand of accidents.

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